About Second Half Studios

Second Half Studios was started by designer and illustrator Chris Hilbig after a failed partnership consisting of a lot of wasted effort with another day-dreamer that wasn’t really serious. Focused action brings dreams to reality kids!

Taking the lessons that Chris learned from that previous venture, he started the business that he should have pursued. The name “second half” also represents Chris Hilbig’s second half of his life. A second opportunity to use his skills in both illustration and graphic design to create a life worth living for himself and his family.

Second Half is also a revolt from popular culture’s lurch towards obscenity and darkness. We’re not a bunch of prudes, but life is gloomy enough. And kids are purposely being warped and made miserable from practically every direction. And television and other forms of media celebrate their corruption as an advancement in social progress. Then everyone wonders why society is falling apart.

The art of Second Half Studios explores childhood themes that inspire art that’s silly and fun. At times, there will be heavy Japanese influences. Other times, life lessons will be learned. In other moments, we’re spoofing the world around us and mocking it in a light-hearted fashion. Second Half Studios intends to offer content and merchandise with a light-hearted fair.

About Chris Hilbig

Chris Hilbig is a graphic artist and founder of Second Half Studios. Chris has been creating art ever since he could remember. He attended San Antonio College for Graphic Design and graduated from the Art Instruction Schools of Minneapolis, Minnesota. While attending the Art Instruction Schools, Chris was awarded their Blue Ribbon Art Award, was a finalist in the 2010 Charles Schulz Cartoon Art competition, and won 1st place in the 2012 Charles Schulz Cartoon Art Competition.

Chris worked on the former online comic strip, “Parti Animals” back in the late 90’s. He’s an occasional writer for his own blog, which features art tutorials and product reviews. He’s spent the bulk of his career bouncing between graphic design and the retail industry.

In November of 2022, Chris made the decision to take a chance on himself and start the second half of his life by establishing Second Half Studios. In July of 2023, Chris illustrated and helped published Second Half Studio’s first coloring book, “Dino-mite Summer Coloring Book Fun”. He’s also putting the finishing touches and working on the marketing for his latest book, “Baby Hopper Learns the Magic of Good Manners”.

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