We’ve spent a lot of time trying to make our downloadable as pain-free as possible. But problems happen and when they do, we know you’ll want to resolve them as soon as possible. This help page is designed to help you quickly resolve the most common problems with downloadable products. If you have any further issues, please contact our Support Team and they will reach back to you within 24 hours.

What Format Are Your Downloadables In?

Most of our downloadable are in PDF format. We use this format due to the fact that most of our downloadables are digital versions of our books, a.k.a. ebooks.

What Software Should I Use to Read Your eBooks?

Most operating systems have their own native PDF reader. We recommend that you download and install Adobe Acrobat Reader. All of our downloadable PDFs are designed to be read with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

What if I Can’t Open my eBook?

On the rare occasion that you can’t open your new ebook, we recommend going to your Downloads page, under the My Account settings. If that fails, consider updating and/or reinstalling Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Should that fail, please contact our Support Team. The level of technical support that our Support Team can provide will inherently be limited to the PDF itself. They are unable to provide competent support for your device.

How Do I Print From An eBook?

If your ebook is designed to be printed from, instructions for printing and printing specific pages are included within the first few pages of the ebook.

What if I can’t Print From An eBook?

Some ebooks are purposely designed to be printed by our customers. (Examples: coloring books, activity books, etc.) Other ebooks are not designed to be printed. (Example: Most storybooks.) If a specific ebook is designed to be or not be printed by our customers, that will be noted on the product page and within the ebook itself.

eBooks not designed to be printed, printing will be disabled within the PDF file. The PDF will also be optimized with lower-resolution images, to reduce the file size, which will make it unsuitable for printing.

What If I Use Up All of My Remaining Downloads?

We limit customers to just 5 downloads to prevent bandwidth abuse. Life does happen, and should you need us to reset your download, please contact our Support Team with your Order Number, and they will reset your remaining downloads.

Can I Share My Digital Downloads With Friends And Family?

When you purchase any of our digital products and ebooks, you do have the right to print pages for anyone you wish for non-commercial purposes. (Example: You’re a teacher who wants to print coloring pages for your class. That is considered acceptable.) But you do not have the right to share and/or redistribute our digital downloads with others through any means of redistribution.

Can I Use My Digital Downloads on More Than One Device?

Yes, as long as that device belongs to you, you can use your digital downloads on as many devices as you wish.

What If My eBook Gets Updated?

On rare occasions, books will be updated with revised content and/or additional pages. If it’s just a minor update, your download will be updated and available for download. Otherwise, we’ll post it as a new addition for sale.

Can I get A Refund On A Digital Download?

Per our Terms of Conditions, we do not offer refunds for downloadable content for any reason.

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