The Importance of Leaving Your Reviews

Hey there! Do you know what’s really awesome? Leaving reviews for the products you’ve purchased. It might seem like a small thing, but it’s actually super important. By sharing your honest thoughts and experiences, you’re not just helping out other customers, but you’re also giving a valuable shout-out to the hard-working people behind the products. Your review can make a huge impact, guiding fellow shoppers in their decision-making process. Plus, it’s a way to hold Second Half Studios accountable and help them improve their products based on your feedback. So, don’t be shy! Take a few minutes to leave a review and become a trusted source of recommendations. Together, we can make the online shopping experience even better!

You’re likely saying to yourself, “Great! But how do I leave a review on this website?” We’re glad you asked!

Second Half Studios Store offers two different options:

1st Option: A Friendly Reminder Via Email

With every order, we’ll send you a friendly reminder to your inbox to show our appreciation for your purchase and request a review of the items that you’ve been enjoying. These emails will appear 10 days after you place your order. (If you don’t receive your email, please check your Spam/Promotions folder.)

After you open our email, you just need to click the “Review” button. This will open a new page to submit your review.

Clicking the “Review” button, you’ll see a new page open. On this page, you can rate how we did as a store. Let us know how great we are or how Second Half Studios can improve. Then you can rate your purchases below.

1.) Each item you purchased can be given its own rating (1 for awful through 5 it’s awesome). 2.) You can also write a thoughtful review telling the world what you really thought of your purchase and how great it is. 3.) We also offer customers the opportunity to show off their purchase by offering the option to upload photos.

When you’ve finished reviewing your purchases, you can choose how you wish to have your name displayed. If you happen to be really self-conscious, you can choose “Anonymous” as your name. To finish, just click the “Submit” button. Just remember, when you click “Submit”, you are also agreeing to Second Half Studios’ Terms and Conditions. Lots of important legalize on that page!

Finally, you get a massive thank you for taking the time to review our products. Just in case you had forgotten something, you can always click the “Edit Your Review” button to go back.

Option 2: Just Incase You Lost Your Email

Just in case you couldn’t find your email or you just plain lost it, there’s the option of giving your review on the website. On the Second Half Studios website, select My Account, then Orders from the dropdown menu.

On your Orders page, you can select your most recent purchases in one of two ways: either click on the order number to the left or select the View button to the right.

Then click your product’s link under the Order Details. This link will take you to the item’s product page within the store.

A Quick Breakdown of the Reviews Tab:

Once you’re on your item’s product page, scroll down until you see a series of tabs. 1.) One of those tabs will be labeled, “Reviews”. Click that tab.

Within the Reviews tab, you’ll see a 2.) average rating based on the collective ratings from all of your fellow customers. 3.) To the right, you’ll see a quick breakdown of star ratings based on other customers’ reviews. Below is a list of reviews from your fellow customers and how they rate the product. Other customers can thumbs-up reviews that were helpful and thumbs-down reviews that weren’t so helpful. Below are the customer reviews. 5.) You can read what other people wrote about their experience and how they rated the item in stars. 4.) Above each review, customers can rate the helpfulness of the review by either giving it a thumbs-up or a thumbs-down. (BTW, you can only give one thumbs-up or a thumbs-down.)

Adding Your Review

In the next section down, you’ll see an area titled, “Add a review”. Here you can give your honest opinion of the item you purchased from us. Let’s go through the parts that you can utilize:

1.) Here you can give your personal star rating. One star for awful. Five stars are the highest rating you can give if you absolutely love the item.

2.) This is the area where you can write your review.

3.) If you wish to show off your new product in your home, or if you’re wearing it and you look awesome, you can upload your photos here. (Remember, don’t post photos that you wouldn’t dare show your mom! That might be embarrassing.)

4.) Make sure to click the box inside the reCAPTCHA widget to show that you’re an actual human and not some nefarious robot who posts obnoxious spam all day.

5.) In case you realized that you really don’t have the time or if you want to start your review all over, you have the option to click the Cancel link.

6.) When you are done writing your extremely influential, yet objective review, post it for the world to read by clicking the Submit button. Remember, once you click the Submit button you can’t delete or edit what you posted. Make sure to check for spelling and grammar errors.

That’s it! You’ve done it! You’ve just left your first of hopefully many reviews!

Please note that we do moderate your reviews. That means if there are any reviews that are overly offensive or loaded up with bad words, our staff will either edit those reviews or delete them altogether.

We do try to address reviews that express an honestly bad experience with the product. Second Half Studios Support Team will try their best to either resolve the issue. If you do experience a problem with your product when it arrives at your home, please contact our Support Team before leaving a negative review.

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